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We are SO pleased you found us! At Precinct Progress, our focus is providing back office functions for managing Progressive (Democratic) Precincts. If you are a Progressive (Democratic) Precinct Chair, a part of a Senate District leadership, or County leadership and you are looking for ways to do better you've come to the right place.

This all started as an all-volunteer effort to develop a web site for the Harris County (Texas) Democratic Party. We are, and intend to continue refining mostly the back office functions associated with that initial effort. These functions include:

  • Tracking and managing the Precinct Chair/Senate District data management lifecycle
    • Application Form
    • Approval Processing
    • Texas Secretary of State data retention printouts
    • Maintenance of the latest (live) database of Precinct Chairs
    • Find-My-Precinct Form and processing - Submit a form and receive a notice of your Senate District, Precinct, and People to contact for information
    • Precinct Chair resignation processing
  • Precinct Chair Portal
    • Chair Notifications
    • Articles Regarding Precinct Chair "Operations"
    • Information about Nearby and All Other County Precincts (Including Maps)
    • Information about All County Senate District Leadership
  • Want more? Ask us about it (oh, and maybe donate)

The above is a sampling of what we've done or and perhaps gives you an idea of what we could do. You can read more about our history in our Precinct Progress - What, Why, and How BLOG Post. If you would like to know more about providing these capabilities for your State, Senate District or County, Parish, etc. - please Contact Us or email us at info@precinctprogress.com.

This web site is currently operated by a for profit company, but we are not directly charging for our services. We hope to be able to operate the site using non-tax-deductible donations. Part of the reason we are doing it this way is that there are a large number of counties in the country who can't afford to pay directly for this type of service, but we still wish to provide the service. This could change in the future depending upon whether or not we receive an adequate level of donations. If it does change, you will be given time to adapt or opt out, and, as always, will be provided with the data you keep on our site.

Please contact us at info@precinctprogress.com or use our Contact Us form if you have questions or concerns. You may also call us at 832-408-0261

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